A Basic Criminal Records Check sometimes known as a Basic Police Check or Basic CRB is the lowest level of Disclosure and checks the Police National Computer (PNC) for details of all current criminal convictions (convictions considered unspent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974).

If you live in England & Wales, you can apply online and receive results in just a few minutes. Certificates can be sent to you home address, employer or another person.



It is commonly used for employment positions covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. It’s also used in other situations (e.g. insurance claims) where you might need to provide proof of your unspent convictions.

You may be asked to carry out a Basic Disclosure application for:-
  • Insurance claims
  • Housing rental
  • Travelling abroad
  • Travel to the UK and applying for citizenship
  • Victim of crime applying for compensation

What it contains

Essentially, it contains unspent convictions. For guidance on whether your conviction is unspent. For further information use our HELP section.

For checks carried out by the DBS the certificate will include all unspent convictions recorded on the Police National Computer, the Scottish Criminal History System and the Criminal Record Viewer (Northern Ireland Conviction System).

For Access NI it is the Police National Computer and the Criminal Record Viewer. For each conviction it includes the date of conviction, the court, the offence committed, the date of offence and the sentence/disposal.


DBS Basic Application Process

Individuals can process their own applications without using an agency or employer. Our service is fully electronic and you will receive an email result notification and your certificate via post. Simply enter your details and we will contact you for an online payment.

Employers or agencies can perform Basic Disclosures via the system and you will receive the result electronically.

We are the only organisation in the UK able to offer this service.