Case Study 1 - Social Workers

A specialist social work recruitment consultancy, and one of the leading suppliers of agency social workers in the UK, commissioned Civil & Corporate Security Ltd to assist with the slow speed of electronic DBS checks carried out by their previous supplier - a broker agency aligned to a larger organisation rather than a direct route – taking up to 6 weeks, which was unsustainable.

Civil & Corporate Security Ltd increased their speed of turnaround by 2000%

67% same day results for Enhanced checks – unbeatable service

The company provides temporary and permanent jobs to qualified social work professionals in a wide range of local authorities, NHS Trusts, fostering agencies, charities and other private sector organisations throughout the UK, trusted by over 150 organisations in England, Scotland and Wales to provide exceptional agency staff.

We identified key areas where the previous supplier was failing. These areas included:
  • Data inputting for DBS Disclosure applications very protracted
  • Incorrect positions input
  • Complications with tabs, pages and logging in
  • Progress of applications and results


  • Immediate access to rapid – one screen data.
  • Immediate funds on account for use in all areas of checks – no delays in manual invoicing
  • Training for our 2 minute applications saving vast amounts of time
  • Automated applicant contact, company contact and DBS progression throughout the process
  • Automated result information to both the client and company’s primary contact


The company had been unable to work effectively with the burdensome and laborious DBS process prior to Civil & Corporate Security Ltd. They required a service that could get their invaluable staff in position as quickly as possible.

A vital element in managing the chain was monitoring the online facilities where passport information can be validated, financial data assessed, and acting on any variation before it can adversely affect the placement.
Our commitment to customer service and ease of use at all stages of the process is our primary objective, providing the most appropriate infrastructure to support all DBS and ancillary activities.
Immediately on implementation, the 2 minute inputting transformed the productivity of HR staff and the same-day results ensured social works were able to be placed straightaway.

From a start of approximately 1000 applications per annum, the company now exceeds 3000 applications and they have been able to secure additional clients as they are able to assure them of their speed of response.
By employing the Civil & Corporate Security bespoke system, the company were able to revolutionise their efficiency and develop their customer base with a failsafe administration process.
The company has also taken advantage of the Scottish PVG Scheme, Access NI and the Basic Disclosures – all online on the same screen, providing an enhanced and unmatched service for their clients and promoting a full service for their client base.

Case Study 2 - Locum Doctors

A leading supplier of specialist locums from abroad to the NHS, intermediate recruitment suppliers under Master Vendor provisions and private hospitals throughout the UK. Key to their smooth operation is an unbroken audit trail from initial registration anywhere in the world to the final placement within the UK. This includes overseas vetting and criminal records checks in their country of origin, all provided through the online system, prior to their passage to the UK.

A vital element in managing the chain is monitoring the online facilities where passport information can be validated, financial data assessed, and acting on any variation before it can adversely effect the placement.

The monitoring system needed to be flexible, reliable and expandable so that it could grow as the business developed. It also needed to provide accurate live and recorded data, and to trigger warnings before the individual could be selected. In addition, full PASA compliance was a primary requirement and the Civil & Corporate Security system provided this at the touch of a button.

The Civil & Corporate system can be tailored to suit specific requirements.

At the company, the received information is dealt with online, with email and SMS messages being sent to both the applicant and company at relevant intervals. The system also shows real time information allowing the managers and HR departments to effectively deal with enquires from the doctors and external agencies.

The data is accessed from any PC, worldwide, with unique login access covering initial application, date sent, date received, date sent to DBS, result information (Disclosure number and date of issue), fully audited reports, online financial transaction data and monthly automated paid invoices.

This has resulted in a downsizing of HR staff for the company solutions as the renewals facility, now being utilised, along with the simplicity and speed of the active database has meant internal staffing levels could be reduced with the savings of many thousands of pounds.

The Civil & Corporate Security system has proved a flexible, cost-effective solution to monitoring a compliant production process.

Case Study 3 – Housing Association & Care
The Association provides specialist care support with over 2,500 homes across London and the south of the UK, employing 900 people.
Initially, Civil and Corporate Security dealt only with the Association which then amalgamated with another Housing Group. The other Housing Group retained their ‘old’ in-house paper system of DBS provision whist ‘trialling’ the Civil & Corporate Security online system.
Within one month, the Housing Group completely abandoned their cumbersome paper based system and moved over to Civil & Corporate Security, swiftly becoming aware that the tracking, speed of same-day service, secure monitoring of DBSs and online ISA AdultFirsts during the recruitment process was essential to assure quality of staff and allowed for vast savings in personnel time, paper retention and data collection. The Civil & corporate solution has now been fully integrated.
The accuracy, reliability and affordability of the Civil & Corporate Security system, exploiting the latest data acquisition techniques has progressed the Association and Housong Group to one of the leading suppliers of care providers, ensuring full compliance to all care regulations and care placements made quickly.
Monitoring a DBS facility can involve monitoring hundreds of applicants With Civil & Corporate Security, data is securely filed on the network, with applicant status reports available 24 hours per day. Alongside the live data, the Association can view full reports, including a complete date-stamped log of all applications, financial transactions and system access history.

Any Disclosure certificates containing adverse information are viewed with line managers and our expert, ex police staff which hss has proved to be extremely useful as risk assessments can be carried out via a ‘conference-style’ facility and any additional advice is obtained from Civil & Corporate Security. Cost codes are input to identify satellite offices for invoicing purposes.
The Association have begun their first phase of auto-renewals. Again, the ease any simplicity of pressing only one button, saves an enormous amount of personnel time and serves to retain care staff, as further identity documentation is not required, therefore increasing the speed of turnaround.