Civil & Corporate Security Ltd Terms and Conditions and Agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to set out the expectations and responsibilities of both Civil & Corporate Security Ltd in providing the DBS service, and the clients in utilising the DBS service. 

For the purposes of this document, the Umbrella Body refers to the Civil & Corporate Security Ltd, and the client refers to any organisation that is utilising the service offered by Civil & Corporate Security Ltd. 

There are set standards required by the DBS, where it is necessary for both Civil & Corporate Security Ltd and the client to confirm that they are meeting their obligations as outlined in this agreement. 

The agreement includes information on the following areas:



Estimated prices, whether in writing or verbal, are subject to acceptance within one calendar month. If requested to proceed before receipt of confirmation these terms automatically apply. All estimates are provided in confidence and the details may not be divulged to outside parties.



The Company/ Umbrella Body (Civil & Corporate Security) reserves the right to carry out any order in whole or in part by sub-contract.



The Company does not give credit under any circumstances. Payment is required in advance of a CRB Disclosure application being processed or other work commencing.



Whilst reasonable care and precaution is taken against loss of or damage to originals or articles entrusted to the Company, no liability is accepted should damage occur. Customers are advised to insure.



Cancellation is accepted idirectly on the systm prior to being prosessed at the DBS email from the Client, prior to a DBS application being sent to the candidate. If cancellation is requested after the application form (if on paper) has been sent to the candidate, a fee of £5.00 inc VAT may be charged to cover payment of all
liabilities incurred.



Time for delivery of either goods or service is stated as accurately as possible, but is not guaranteed and subject to extension to cover delays, caused by events beyond the Company's control. In no case shall time be the essence of any contract.



Delivery to customers or on behalf of customers will be charged extra.



Contracts and deliveries may be suspended in the event of any strike, lockout trade dispute, fire, tempest, breakdown, accident, riot, theft, crime, civil disturbance, war, force majeure or other occurrence preventing or retarding the work or deliveries and no responsibility shall attach for any delay, loss, or damage due to any of the above causes or for any damage in transit or at the works of the Company or to any other cause beyond the control of the Company, whether in respect of contracts and deliveries or the safe custody of articles deposited with the Company. If the customer desires to be protected against such risks or any of them he shall so request the Company to be protected and shall pay the premium payable on any policy to be effected at his request.



The placing of an order with the Company implies an acceptance of the conditions of business herein stated, and these conditions are paramount to any proposed by the Client or Candidate, which in so far as they are contradictory to these present, are hereby excluded.



The Client accepts full responsibility for the appropriate identification of the Candidate in accordance with the DBS Code of Practice

Reahilitation of Offender Act 1974 (Exceptions Order 1975) Guidance

The Candidate is contacted a maximum of 2 times, after which the Company will inform the Client, with whom rests the responsibility of DBS Disclosure completion. Civil & Corporate Security Registered Body No. 21657700008.



From time to time, marketing emails will be sent to clients and customers providing useful information and service additions.



Unless otherwise agreed these conditions and the contract shall be subject to and construed in accordance with English Law.