The Protecting Vulnerable Groups Act (Scotland) 2007 (PVG) introduces a membership scheme for people undertaking regulated work with children and/or protected adults to join. The previous enhanced disclosure will no longer be available for people undertaking regulated work with children and protected adults. The Scheme will have a 'memory' and individual records held by the Scheme will be updated automatically when a person's circumstances change. This means that when a disclosure is required because the Scheme member is changing posts or taking on an additional role it will be quicker and easier for prospective employers to check whether he/she is a member of the Scheme and whether there is any information held about them.

Under the PVG Scheme, the adults' list and the list of those who are barred from working with children are managed by Disclosure Scotland as an Executive Agency of the Scottish Government. A team within Disclosure Scotland will collect and assess information to enable fair and consistent decisions about unsuitability to be made, on behalf of Scottish Ministers, in respect of one or both workforces.

Under the PVG Scheme, broadly the same conviction and police information will appear on a Scheme Record Disclosure as appears on an enhanced disclosure. When someone seeks to join the scheme, any conviction information will be assessed by Disclosure Scotland and if they are not unsuitable, they will become a scheme member.

PVG Scheme Update (for persons who are already a scheme member)

The PVG Scheme Record Update will:

confirm that the person is a Scheme member, and therefore not barred from that type of regulated work;
specify the date of the last PVG Scheme Record;
state whether any existing vetting information is included in the member's Scheme Record;
indicate whether any new vetting information has been added to the member's Scheme Record and the date it was added (without detailing the substance of any such vetting information);
indicate whether any vetting information has been removed and the date it was removed (without detailing the substance of any such vetting information).
The PVG Scheme Record Update will ultimately be available online to the individual and the employer, supported by suitable security measures.Hard copies, if requested will be sent to both the individual and the employer.

The purpose of the PVG Scheme Record Update is to enable employers to check quickly, easily and cheaply that employees or potential employees are scheme members. The PVG Scheme Record Update will also state whether the scheme holds any new vetting information that has been gathered since the date of the last PVG Scheme Record. It will not provide the detail of any new information but it will indicate whether a scheme member is under consideration for listing.