A right-to-work check is a compulsory, legal requirement forming part of every organisation’s recruitment process.

Employers in the UK must verify that an employee is legally entitled to work in the UK and their visa status and residency permitting them to do so. This needs to be done before anybody is hired to ensure that they follow their legal obligations. Organisations must check applicable documents to establish a prospective employee’s permanent or temporary right-to-work in the UK.

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Failure to comply with this can result in fines and potential legal action from the Home Office.

Employers in the UK have a duty to prevent illegal working. By conducting some straightforward right to work checks, they can do their part in preventing illegal immigration and labour, mitigate risks against their organisation and the employees within it, and ensure every hire is compliant, lawful and ethical.

Breaking the law concerning right-to-work checks can result in: Unlimited fines, Imprisonment, Blacklisting or Company Closure


Your business can also be penalised if you do not comply with the Home Office guidelines for correct right-to-work screening procedures.

Every organisation should check right-to-work documents as part of their background screening procedures and before any employment is made. With an increasing number of worldwide workers, right-to-work checks are vital to conducting during the hiring stage.

NOTE: This is currently only available to UK and Irish applicants only.

Non EU and EU applicants would still need to provide you with a SHARE CODE for you to check - obtained from the GOV.UK website - https://www.gov.uk/view-prove-immigration-status