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Individuals must contact their agency or the DBS for any information about their application.

Emails and text messages are sent to you and your agency regarding each stage of your application and relevant contact details.


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Please use the KNOWLEDGE BASE for all your questions - click on the link below

Clients please note:

The database is continuously updated and always contains the most recent information. In answer to any queries you may have, we would appreciate your assistance in checking the system first, as we can only confirm the same details.

The tracking facility is available at all times on your screen and please remember it is only the DBS that prints Disclosure certificates.

Umbrella Body since 2002
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...for the most cost effective, fastest and, by far, the most trusted Disclosure & Barring Service in the UK - the choice of professionals!

This is a professional service designed for professional recruiters who are expected to have a full legislative knowledge of the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS), Access NI and the Disclosure Scotland PVG Scheme, where applicable, before using the system.

Fully electronic with e-Bulk - no more forms
Automated Eligibility Tool - Only one in the UK - Right first time!
Enhanced disclosures in 24 hours!
Live on-screen tracking - everything on one screen!
Set-up in 2 minutes -Start submitting now!
Route 2 ID checks -instant results!
AML checks - instant results!
List 99 checks within the hour!
Fully automated ISA results!
Fully automated Vetting service BS7858!
Educational checks!
Set-up in 2 minutes -Start submitting now!
Overseas checks!
Largest independent provider in the UK since 2002!

Disclosure Scotland/PVG - online

Access NI - online

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DBS Prices

Discounted rates may apply - email

• Online accounts and transactions
• Fully transparent financial system
• Systems integration with your current set-up - once only input
• Full integration with Payroll management - automated with   HMRC
• ID checking and data input service available

Overseas Criminal Record Checks: From Albania to Zimbabwe, we are able to carry out court searches in virtually any country via our network of researchers. Simply complete the personal details online and make payment. Your results will be despatched via email usually within 7-10 days. USA searches are within 24 hours!

BS7858 Employment Screening and Vetting Services: These essential vetting investigations cover all aspects of an individual where no stone is left unturned. The terrorist sanctions register, SDN list and the OFAC register forms part of any vetting as a matter of course. We specialise in protecting individual employers and companies, such as, solicitors, FSA approved companies etc., from exposure to Second EU Directive 2001, the Proceeds of Crime Act 2003, the Money Laundering Regulations 2003 and any other provisions in force if adverse information comes to light.

CQC Inspection
FSA Inspection
OFSTED Inspection
PASA Inspection

Civil & Corporate Security Limited meet with all legislation, policies, guidelines and regulations for the above regulatory bodies.

ISA Referral: For any organisation that believes they know of an individual that should be on the ISA Register, whether for Children or Vulnerable Adults, please click the arrows to view/download the guidance PDF.

e-Bulk applications - the easy way:

• Unique DBS facility, built with the end user in mind

• The fastest DBS service in the UK

• Immediate electronic Disclosure submissions to   the DBS

• The most cost efficient method of obtaining DBS checks

• Enhanced DBS results in hours

• Data errors eliminated with our bespoke validation process

• Same day results in many cases

• Same day ISA Adults First results

• The most powerful competitive advantage on the   market

• ISO27001 accredited

Host your own e-Bulk facility

If you process more than 3000 applications and would prefer to run your own e-Bulk provision, we can assist with your complete set-up from hosting, support for DBS compliance with ISO27001 and rapid connectivity. No separate licence required. Save fortunes!

Clients love Civil & Corporate Security!

"I have never seen any system designed so simply for users - fantastic! Thank you for identifying issues we hadn't thought of. Other e-Bulk users will have to put those in but you're the first." - Account Manager

"Many thanks for an impressive service and support given" - Leading care organisation

"I must say I am LOVING the new e-Bulk from Civil & Corporate!" - UK finance house

"You are amazing! And I mean it! So fast!" - Housing Corporation

"Thanks, I've been to lots of web sites and you're the only one who has helped!" - UK news agency

"I have let my local agencies know how helpful, efficient & reasonably priced C&C are" - Childcare organisation

"My goodness, that is so quick." - Housing Association

"We've just had a CQC inspection - unbelievable praise to your system, Thanks" - Care home

Request to our clients:

1. Please note the database is continuously updated and always contains the most recent information. In answer to any queries you may have, prior to calling our office, we would appreciate your assistance in checking the system first, as we can only confirm the same details.

2. Address Errors: In order to reduce unnecessary charges, please use the automated address finder for your candidates. Typing the details in manually results in postal address errors and subsequent delays and charges, which we aim to reduce for you.

Thank you, Civil & Corporate Security Limited

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